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Our Services

Buyer's Inspection
A full residential property inspection with a detailed evaluation of the home’s readily accessible and visible components including: Structural Systems, Electrical System, Heating-Venting-Air Conditioning System, Plumbing System, and Appliances. Expect to receive a convenient, digital inspection report the same day as the inspection.
Pre-drywall inspection
This inspection service is a comprehensive evaluation of pre-drywall construction. During the pre-drywall phase of the build process we will inspect the structural and cosmetic framing as well as the rough installation of all mechanical, electrical, and plumbing systems.
A Pre-Listing inspection gives us a chance to diagnose previously unknown deficiencies at the most ideal time, before the home is listed for sale. A Buyer’s Inspection is ultimately going to reveal these deficiencies anyway, but when you’re made aware of the issues before negotiations begin, you can schedule repairs and maintenance to help ensure that a transaction proceeds smoothly.
Builder's Warranty
Most builders offer a warranty on a new home. We will come out the last month of the warranty period and perform a full home inspection before the warranty expires. You will receive a comprehensive report, complete with photos, that includes information on any material defects observed on the date of the inspection. With this information you can hold responsible parties to their warranties.
WDI Inspection
Wood-destroying insects (WDI) can inflict serious damage to the structure of a home, and it’s important to have the property inspected before you make a buying decision. We’ll assess each readily accessible structural component, identifying previous damage if present, as well as looking for any signs of an active problem.
Ancillary Services
Lawn Irrigation Inspection, Pool and Spa Inspection, Repair Verification, Thermal Imaging

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